Medical Gas in Hospitals FAQ

1.)    How long will my down time be?
a.    MGI has innovative tools and equipment which in most cases can reduce shut down time to little or none. MGI is flexible and can work with any facility to minimize disruption of operation/patient care.

2.)    Can MGI provide me with all the necessary certification/testing/equipment documents for my installation?
a.    MGI will have all work inspected by a State Licensed Inspector.
b.    MGI will then provide all certification/testing/equipment documents to the owner.

3.)    Does MGI install wiring for alarms?
a.    MGI will install all appropriate wiring for alarms, PSI switches, and alarm panels.
b.    MGI does NOT have license electricians on staff. Therefore, power to operate panels must be first provided by an in-house electrician or outside contractor.

Medical Gas in Dental Offices FAQ

1.)    Can oxygen and Nitrous Oxide be installed in an occupied facility?
a.    Yes, installation of medical gas can be performed with an occupied building. In most cases walls do not have to be demoed/patched, and all piping and outlet boxes can be surface mounted.
2.)    How long does the system take to be installed?
a.    In most cases with 4 to 6 operatory’s MGI can install the system within 3 days of business closing, depending on conditions.
3.)    Where should the tank room be located and how big should it be?
a.    The best location is on an exterior wall.
b.    The room size should be 2’-0” x 4’-0” minimum. Size will vary depending on system requirements.
c.    The construction of tank room must have a louvered metal door and frame, 1 hour rated firerock throughout entire room including ceiling. Room must have sufficient lighting and power ventilation to the exterior. 120 volt power is required for manifold and alarm.
4.)    How safe is the Med Gas system?
a.    Very safe, when installed properly. MGI will install system to meet NFPA requirements and all work will be inspected by a Louisiana Licensed Inspector. All documentation will be provided after inspection.
5.)     Do I have to  remember to turn my bottles everyday?
a. No, when  installed properly your oxygen/nitrous oxide is a sealed system that will be "Guaranteed" not to leak at all.
Backflow FAQ

1.)    Why does my Backflow Preventer need to be tested annually?
a.    Under Appendix D of Louisiana State Plumbing Code a backflow preventer shall be inspected upon installation, service, or annually.
2.)    What does it do?
a.    Backflow Preventers protect you and everyone on your “Potable Drinking Water System” from being contaminated with pollutants which could cause sickness or death. This issue is has been studied for numerous years in hope to protect public health.
3.)    Why do I see water by the Backflow Preventer?
a.    If you notice water around the Backflow this is an indication that it’s not functioning correctly. It may not be installed properly, line pressure fluctuation, or internal parts need replacing. MGI can quickly do all necessary repairs/testing to resolve all of you Backflow needs.

Case History of Backflow